The purposes and aims of Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists are:

  • to develop and encourage a high level of professionalism and ethical behaviour among physiotherapists,
  • to follow and study questions about professional work of physiotherapists and recommends solutions for better and effective problem solving, 
  • to follow and study the education policies of physiotherapists and encouraging ongoing education after obtaining a diploma as well as continuous professional development,
  • co-operating with government, professional bodies and institutes in solving questions regarding health-care issues and organization of health and physiotherapy,
  • following novelties in the physiotherapy profession and in medicine fields emerging at home and abroad,
  • encouraging informing among physiotherapists and exchanging opinions,
  • to negotiate health politics, international co-operation, publishing and finance,
  • to present mentions and diplomas of the Association to individuals, professional sections and regional units, who contributed meaningfully and achieved notable success in the field of physiotherapy with their admirable professional and organizational work. 

For achieving aforementioned purposes and aims, Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists is organising:

  • professional and other lectures,
  • courses, workshops and seminars for their members,
  • congresses, conferences, conventions and meetings for cooperating with professional health institutions and education organizations
  • publishing according to valid reguations in the field of asssociation activities.